Let's be real. Christmas cards suck. You're either getting some lame variation of a red-and-green-themed Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/Season's Greetings OR some braggadocious novel of holiday newsletter that is solely aimed at making you feel even worse about your pathetic life. We can't force people to stop sending you either of these sad excuses for "holiday cheer," but we can make sure that you're never forced to do the same.


5 Ways to Send Customized Greeting Cards From Your Phone

Father’s Day is this weekend and as such, we thought we’d clue you last-minute gifters into a few high-tech ways to show your love for Dad. In today’s digital world, it’s now possible to personalize and send (in the real mail!) messages and cards to anyone you care about. Each of the following apps lets you customize a message and design, then send your card directly in the mail to any friend.


Free Christmas E-Cards: 5 Websites To Send Holiday Cards In 2014

Trying to spread Christmas cheer without denting your wallet? One of the ways you can do that is by sending e-cards to loved ones and friends on your Christmas list. Some e-card sites even let you send Christmas greetings for free. Here are some of the best options for free Christmas e-cards: touts itself as “Always 100% FREE!” since most e-card sites only let you send a limited number of Christmas cards before they cut you off. The site has 54 Christmas e-cards to choose from, including a number of animated cards. Check out their selection here.


A Social Spin on Greeting Cards

lya  Pozin likes greeting cards, but he doesn’t like going to what he calls “the dreaded greeting card aisle at the store” to buy one. “You have all these horrible, mass-produced designs” that take forever to pick through, he complains. Not that e-cards (which are also mass-produced and take just as long to scroll through) are a huge improvement. Knowing that cards still represent a $4 billion industry, Pozin figured there had to be a better way. “We saw a huge opportunity in terms of the lack of convenience and lack of quality,” he said. “We thought we could do better.”


Sending holiday cards? Do some good at the same time

As the season of giving begins, you can send holiday cheer not only to friends and family, but to people in need, by buying your greeting cards from a nonprofit organization.

You'll find information here for 19 groups and the cards they're selling. Many designs were created by children; artwork for some of the other cards was donated by local artists.